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A biological detergent is a that contains harvested from micro-organisms such as bacteria adapted to live in . The description is commonly used in the , where other washing detergents are described as "non-biological" (or bio and "non-bio"). Most manufacturers of biological detergents also produce non-biological ones.

Biological detergents clean in the same way as non-biological ones with additional effects from the enzymes, whose purpose is to break down protein, starches and fat in dirt and stains on clothing to be laundered, for example food stains, sweat and mud. Tests by the in the UK published in their magazine rated the cleaning performance of washing powders based on stain removal, whiteness, and colour fading. It was found that the performance of various makes of biological powders ranged from 58% to 81%, and non-biological powders scored from 41% to 70%. The enzymes in biological detergents enable effective cleaning at lower temperatures than required by normal detergents, but are denatured at higher temperatures—about 50 °C is recommended. A biological detergent can contain , a , a and a .


good cleaning and stain removal

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