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Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner 1-Gallon: For Hardwood, Real, Natural & Engineered Flooring -Biodegradable Safe for Cleaning All Floors


My daughter and I immediately put the floor system to great use and let me just say how impressed I am with the results. Two days prior to my using your Black Diamond system, I cleaned my laminate wood floors with Pine Sol, which I later found out was a HUGE mistake because it left a HORRIBLE residue on the floors throughout my home. When I used the Black Diamond floor cleaning system it cleaned up the residue and left my floors smooth and very CLEAN!

Keep your establishment's floors sparkling with this 24" black floor cleaning squeegee! Made for heavy-duty use, this squeegee is flexible and easy to maneuver. After applying a floor cleaning solution, simply run the squeegee across your floor in a top-to-bottom fashion with broad, even strokes.

Made with a no-marking, black gum rubber, this squeegee will remove dirt and leave your floors with a streak-free shine. Once the floors are clean, rinse the squeegee in warm water and store it for later use. Use this black floor squeegee to keep your facility clean and dirt free!

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 24"


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