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Open your tap, plug the drain, and fill your kitchen sink halfway with hot water. Add a cup of household bleach. Soak the curtains in the sink for several hours to remove color. Allow darker colored curtains to soak in the sink overnight. Rinse the bleached curtains in warm water and drip dry.

Bleach lace curtains to remove yellowing using a hydrogen peroxide solution. Place the curtains in a sink of cold water, and add two cups of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to the water. Allow the curtains to soak for one hour, rinse and drip dry.


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Curtains have come a long way. In fact long before the discovery of cotton or the invention of synthetic textiles, prehistoric man used animal hides as a way to block out sunlight and adorn their caves. These days manufacturers offer many different fabrics, colors and patterns to choose from when purchasing or making your own curtains. Nevertheless a tight budget may cause you to consider bleaching your curtains to lighten the color or remove stains. In fact ordinary household bleach or 3 percent hydrogen peroxide can do the job in minutes flat.