• Bleach Keychain BLKY7779
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  • This is an officially licensed flexible Bleach keychain made out of durable pvc plastic featuring a Bleach image.
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Great Eastern Entertainment Bleach Grimmjow PVC Keychain


The 3rd Phantom doesn't look too bad, though the character portraits utilized in each scene could use a sharpening and greater detail. The static images shift expressions when necessary, but the same poses are cycled through over and over. Since there is no overworld navigation, there are no character sprites visible save for those in battle. The Bleach cast has been diminutized into super-deformed 2D sprites that should appeal to your inner Bleach keychain collector, but I would still call the overall visuals entirely forgettable, like the game itself. The soundtrack isn't particularly engaging either, but at least Ikimono-Gakari, the Japanese band who provided the series' seventh ending, provided a theme song for the game that isn't half bad, although it's certainly no "Hanabi."

This Bleach keychain features the flaming skull logo for soul reapers! The Bleach Flaming Skull Keychain is chrome and features a charm in the shape of a skull with flames shooting out of it, the logo for the Shinigami, or soul reapers, who guard human souls in the manga series .


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