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Cool Teeth Whitening Accelerator Blue LED Lights (2) Pieces To Whiten Faster Mouth Dental Tooth Whitener Lights (Strips, Gel or Bleach NOT Included) 2 Lights Only


This study used a split-arch design (the first to do so in published research) to evaluate the effectiveness of 3 professional-grade whiteners (LumaArch®, Optilux 500® and Zoom!®) with and without the use of a bleaching light.

Coincidentally, during about the same time frame as when the Tavares study came out, Clinical Research Associates (CRA) published the findings of their review of professional whitening systems (and the use of bleaching lights) in their March 2003 newsletter.


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Some, but certainly not all, professional teeth whitening systems recommend that a bleaching light should be used when treatments are performed.