• Customer applied bleaching oil 10-12 years ago.
  • Cabot® Bleaching Oil™ #3241 .The data on this sheet represent typical values
  • Cabot® Bleaching Oil™ #6241 .The data on this sheet represent typical values
  • Cabot Bleaching Oil 3241 - Gallon

2 of the 60ml High Potency Skin Bleach Oil. A Must Have Signature Product For Long Term Even Clear Complexion. Use This Product To Prime The Skin Prior After Cleansing & Prior To Using any Other Face Or Body Whitening Cream To Expedite Result


The prime factor driving demand for bleaching clay is the increasing demand for refined vegetable oil, as bleaching clay plays an integral role in its manufacturing process. Moreover, advancement in optimizing the yield of oilseeds is expected to drive more production of variegated oil seeds, thus translating into more demand for bleaching clay for its refining purposes. Apart from this, demand for fully refined oils with FFA content of less than 0.1% is driving further demand for highly activated bleaching clays. Bleaching clay often finds application in industrial sector particularly in the production of Industrial triglycerides, linseed oil, castor oil, biodiesel, fatty acids, etc., many of which are an integral part of manufacturing of paints, vanishes, soaps, etc.. Due to rising living standards across the globe, demand for these products are bound to increase, thus fuelling more revenues in the global bleaching clay market. Apart from this, rising consumption of mineral oil due to its broad adoption in cosmetics, lubricants, and grease, is also expected to further boost consumption of bleaching clay for mineral oil refining and processing.

The global bleaching clay market is segmented into the seven key regions: North America, Latin America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan and Middle East and Africa (MEA). North America and Asia Pacific are anticipated to dominate the global bleaching clay market throughout the forecast period. This can be attributed to rising production of edible oil in major Asian countries such as China and India. Moreover, rising government incentives for production of biofuels and various agricultural benefits being offered in North America, the region is expected to maintain its dominance for the demand of bleaching clay over the next decade. Western Europe and Latin America are expected to be the next prime markets for the consumption of bleaching clay, amid increasing inclination towards low cholesterol oils, thus fuelling more demand for bleaching clay from the region. Along with, increasing production of oil seeds from prime Latin American countries is expected to drive the growth in the region at an even faster rate. Contrary, MEA and Japan is anticipated to account for a smaller market share in the global bleaching clay market.


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So cabots weathering stain was on 3 week back order and we decided to use the straight bleaching oil. Pressure washed the home and used a brightener/cleaner. the sides of the home that take on less of the daily sun look great(for a weathered grey) but the sides that take on more sun area very blotchy. the crew kept the bleaching oil mixed well and applied by brush. some areas look as if nothing was applied at all. Will this weathered look appear after time(6-12 months per the label) or will it continue to be this spotty? I'm talking to her about possible using a semi transparent silver grey tinted for a more uniform appearance but don't know if that will fly.