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Bleach: Soul Resurreccion - Playstation 3


Well, why are we guessing a new Bleach game is under works? Well on the Sony is teasing fans about a new video game in the works. First of all, Jump Festa is an expo featuring anime/manga, but second right next to their announcement is a nice little image that captures the last two Bleach games they’ve released. Again, there is no official word that Sony is working on a new Bleach game, they have just said a new, unannounced/untitled video game is under works. Our fingers are crossed for a new Bleach on PS3, but looks like we’ll have to wait and see what is in store!

Found from keelerleah's post on Bleach Asylum here: "Its the cover for a new Bleach PS3 game: Soul Ignition -Released in June in Japan." (Source: AmiAmi)


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