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LaMotte 4250-BJ Chlorine Test Strips, Sanitizer Strength


The 0-2000 ppm version is perhaps the most versatile of all the chlorine bleach test strips. It can be used for routine sanitizer levels for rinsing dishes & utensils, do relatively low level disinfection at home, school, daycare or in nursing homes or be used for higher level disinfection during flu season. The color chart indicates a range of 50-200ppm for basic sanitizing tasks such as a dish or knife rinse solution. A second range, 500-800ppm is highlighted for general purpose disinfection . The color chart shows an upper limit of 2000ppm which is available for those occasions where someone in the household has come down with a cold or minor infection. Click on the image below to see more information on the .

The Noble Chemical test strips work perfect for us and save us a ton of money. Before we were using premeasured test strips, they were hard to get out of the bottle and if your hands were wet they would be useless. With these you simply tear off how much you need, test it and you're good to go!


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Bromine tests rely on the fact that bromine reacts to certain chemicals. The most obvious way to observe this might be with a test stick or kit. These kits, which often include a color-changing element, should be used regularly for bromine testing. For instance, high levels of bromine might bleach a test strip. Most test kits include chemicals that will exhibit a range of responses to bromine levels, and color-coded charts are a common method.