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Bleach: Kon Wristband


This colorful and cute Bleach wristband features Chappy, the most popular Soul Candy on the manga and anime series. The Bleach Chappy Wristband is bright yellow terrycloth that stretches to fit most sizes. It is embroidered with an image of the Chappy Soul Candy container, which takes the form of a pink bunny's head. Now hop!

Display the symbol for Kisuke Urahara and the Urahara Shop when you wear this colorful and eye-catching Bleach wristband! The Bleach Urahara Symbol Wristband is a vivid green terrycloth that stretches to fit most sizes. It features an embroidered version of the first Kanji symbol in the name of the captain of the Twelfth Division in the manga and anime series , on a white triangle pattern.


Official licensed Bleach product from Great Eastern Entertainment