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Aminotouch Natural PURE PROTEIN TREATMENT Grow Long Hair, Repair Damage & Split Ends, Strengthen Weak Hair, Collagen Filler Keratin Repair that Works From the Core to the Outer Layers, instant results


This was my best solution that resolved all my major hair care needs from strengthening my bleached hair to moisturizing my bleached hair! I Recommend this hair product for the #1 top choice of hair care for bleached hair! If you can’t afford any fancy shampoos or conditioners, spend your money wisely and invest in an inexpensive bottle of this! You really can’t go wrong with this choice because it does a little of everything. It’s like taking a counter full of specific hair care products and mixing it into one bottle! Make sure you check out my FULL review just about and you’ll see why I devoted a whole article just praising this hair treatment wonder! This is the best hair care product for bleached hair hands down! #1 for a reason. #2 Olive Oil – The BEST Hair Products for Bleached Hair Repair and Rescue!

Olive Oil has been the best oil to use in my bleached damaged hair. I’ve tried them all and Olive oil has given my hair the most moisture, especially my scalp! Peroxide and skin don’t get along, peroxide dries out and irritates your scalp more than anything. A dry scalp leads to dandruff, irritated hair follicles leading to hair fall. Olive oil is the best thing to apply onto your scalp after bleaching your hair. Olive oil soothes your scalp and brings back the moisture the peroxide stripped away. You need fatty acids on your scalp, and olive oil naturally replenishes your scalp. Even if your scalp was burned with bleach, sooth it with olive oil. When I started bleaching my hair and even before I started bleaching my hair, olive oil has always been my solution when my hair looks frizzy, dry, and hard to comb. Olive oil moisturizes the deepest into the hair shaft, giving you great moisture from root to tip. Olive Oil is also has over 20 Benefits for your Skin! Please read #3 Wen Re moist intensive hair conditioner – The BEST Hair Products for Bleached Hair Repair and Rescue!


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This product is great for people who have severely damaged hair and wake up with a dry mess of hair every morning. This would give your hair a head start to moisture and your hair will be in great manageable condition when you wake up! If your hair is needing more than one product to battle the damage, I recommend this Loreal EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment! Especially apply it to your ends if nothing else. After waking up and using this product, I’d go right into using hair product #6 on our list… #6 Wen Cleaning Conditioner –The BEST Hair Products for Bleached Hair Repair and Rescue!