• There are several ways to bleach beeswax.
  • 3- To make the Encaustic medium, we mix 1 part of dammar resin with 8 parts of bleached beeswax.
  • 12. A process tor bleaching beeswax which treating said beeswax in the molten.
  • Just curious, but why do you want to bleach your wax? Are you trying to lighten it for a particular purpose?

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Obviously, we have developed a process which by the use of relatively cheap materials such as inexpensive oxidizing agents, mineral acids, adsorbents and atmospheric air reduces some of the expense incident to bleaching beeswax by means of active oxygen yielding materials. Moreover, we have developed a process which is the first process utilizing active oxygen yielding chemicals which will bleach the wax and still not change its characteristics so that it is unsuitable for use in the manufacture of cosmetics. Specifically, our process does not destroy the necessary creaming properties of the beeswax which destruction is characteristic of all previously known methods of commercially bleaching beeswax by means of chemicals.

To the molten wax 50 g. of fullers earth and 10 g. of activated carbon was added. The wax and the adsorbent agents were brought into thorough and repeated contact with one another by stirring for 1.5 hours, the temperature being meanwhile maintained at 180 F. The mixture was then filtered and the wax was separated from the adsorbent agents and permitted to solidify. The final product was a bleached beeswax of excellent quality and of a high degree of whiteness. The creaming properties of the wax,


In 1925, the chemist and pharmacist Dr

8. In the process oi bleaching beeswax the steps which comprise first subjecting the wax to the action ot a solution of hydrogen peroxide which is acidic in reaction in the presence of zinc oxide as a bleaching promoter under conditions such that intimate contact between said beeswax and said peromdesolution is secured, and. then subjecting said wax to the action of an alkaline peroxide solution under conditions such that intimate contact between said alkaline solution and said wax is secured, said wax being maintained in the molten condition throughout.