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  • Do not buy the Bounce dryer bar
  • I bought one so I would not have to use dryer sheets anymore
  • I stopped buying fabric softener sheets a few years ago.

Bounce Outdoor Fresh 3 Month Refill Dryer Bar, 1.92 Ounce


Hey Ladies!
I'm wondering what any of you think of the new Bounce fabric softener bars. Have any of you tried them? They're bars that you just stick to the inside of your dryer and the clothes rub across it as they tumble. You don't have to throw in a sheet with every load, and just replace the bar when it erodes away. I like the idea of not throwing dryer sheets in every load (and have a good coupon for this bar!), but am a little leary about actually sticking something to the inside of the dryer. Will it damage the dryer in any way? Will it make it unbalanced? Are they easy to remove? We have a stainless steel tub in our dryer. Any insight would be welcome! Thanks!

Beware. Do NOT buy this Bounce fabric softener bar. It doesn't soften clothes and I couldn't remove it no matter how much I scrubbed. It now leaves a residue on the clothes that I'm drying.


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