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I have tried the stuff you buy and it tends to leave a residue that attracts more dirt, so you have to clean more often (According to a friend of mine in the carpet cleaning buss). So just use what she says and how she says to use it and you will be happy with clean carpets. I rent and the carpets are about 15 years old and this did wonders for them, still worn but now cleaner then when I rented the Doc and bought the solution and spent a whole day moving stuff and cleaning. Thank Tiffany for us all.
By the way I picked up a carpet cleaner at a thrift store for 8 buck because it was dirty and nasty. I tested the operation and took a chance and bought it. Took it home and cleaned it up (couple hours) and it works great and I saved better than a hundred bucks.

Once again you have done it to perfection. I have tried many different home made carpet cleaners but this is simply the best. I did adjust the cleaner everyone is talking about from the dollar tree to Odor Ban from home depot, for the simple fact when my puppy makes mistakes on the carpet this will kill some unneeded extra, as well as added peppermint essential oils to the mix, and you would never know I had dogs on my carpet. Now I am on too trying you home made vanilla extract.
Good luck with the new property/land, wishing you all the best of time.


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My family rented a rental house many years ago. I smelled cat urine on inspection, they sent their carpet cleaners back out, who just did a repeat routine clean. No help there. Took matters into my own hands and used the method above. 2 day process, but so worth it!