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Clorox 2 Liquid Concentrated Color Safe Bleach - Free & Clear - 33 oz - 2 pk


Color safe bleach is a chemical that uses hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient (to help remove stains) rather than sodium hypochlorite or chlorine. It also has chemicals in it that help brighten colors. Hydrogen peroxide is also used for sterilization purposes and water treatment, but its disinfectant capabilities may be limited due to the concentration in the colorsafe bleach solution as compared to other applications.

Laundry is made complete with the use of ZONROX Bleach. Used for stain removal, soaking, washing and laundry disinfection, ZONROX removes tough stains and dirt from clothes and fabrics. ZONROX Regular Bleach makes whites unbeatably whiter, while ZONROX Colorsafe Bleach keeps coloreds bright and brand-new-looking!


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