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Jolen 4 Ounce Creme Bleach Regular Lightens Excess Dark Hair (118ml)


How much of Jerome Russell’s powder bleach do I add to the cream peroxide?
I don’t want to do all of my hair blonde, only a small section on the under-side of my hair. So all I need to know are the ratios of powder to cream bleach… Thankyou 🙂

Nutriglow Skin Whitening Bleach Cream makes skin look fairer, radiant and healthy in just about 15 minutes. It bleaches facial hair to match the skin tone. Due to release of nascent oxygen this bleach has a unique gas flushing action, which thoroughly cleanses the skin, unclogs the clogged pores. The relaxing floral aroma of the bleach cream makes bleaching a pleasurable experience. This mild bleach can be used on sensitive skin also.


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I'm asian with really dark black hair and my strands are really straight but coarse. I usually have colored hair, and I find I like to lighten up my black brows a bit to a medium brown which make my brows appear softer. I've tried the sally hansen cream bleach for face as well on my brows, which actually doesn't work for me aside from the extra strength version, probably because each individual strand of hair is so thick. The sally hansen extra strength one also works but I think the proportions for the powder and cream they give you to mix together is off. This one is cheaper at the drugstore, they actually give you more product, and the containers are much better in quality. Both these cream bleaches for some reason only can lighten some strands while others stay black, but this works very well on my brows. 10 min later they are a medium brown, and none are completely blonde which is great, because sometimes the sally hansen one does that and it looks strange on me. I think it's just slightly less potent than the extra strenght sally hansen so its easier to monitor how light you want your brows to go. Overall really great, easy application, and quick results. Will be my go-to cream bleach from now on!