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The Body Care Derma Light Herbal Bleach Face Cream - 9.1 Ounce


Dermatology is a division of medicine that deals with conditions affecting the hair, skin and nails. This specialty handles both medical and surgical aspects, making qualified dermatologists capable of accessing a person’s hair, skin and nails, and devising the best treatment plan to meet their needs and attain the goals they desire. This may mean injecting dermal fillers, applying chemical peels, performing dermabrasion techniques, and carrying out laser and light therapies, amongst other methods. And with advancements constantly being made in the technologies used by dermatologists, the services these specialists provide are wide-ranging and longer lasting than OTC products.

Bleach baths can be helpful for many children who have moderate to severe eczema. If your child’s dermatologist recommends bleach baths, be sure to ask how much bleach to add to the water and how often a bleach bath should be given. Adding the wrong amount or type of bleach to the bath can irritate your child’s already sensitive skin.


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