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  • Why is there water left in the detergent tray after the cycle?
  • The detergent tray will completely remove from the front of the washer
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LG Electronics 3891ER2003A Washer Liquid Detergent Container Assembly, Light Blue


The replaces an existing detergent tray on two LG washing machines: the WM1814CW top-loading Smart Laundry model and the WD90280BD model. The white drawer assembly only works on compatible LG washing machines and consumers install the drawer simply with the aid of the washing machine's manual. The sturdy detergent tray has slots for liquid and powdered machine wash detergent, as well as a slot for liquid fabric softener.

The unit leaves water filled up in the liquid detergent tray after the full cycle of the wash. This is a 2 year old unit and only started to do this a couple of months ago. Checked the lower hose for clogs, checked the water pressure. Is it a part needed like a valve or clog in a line?


Detergent box assembly 3891ER2003A / AP4436613 made by ..

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