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Jumbo Bottle - Clorox Bleach Large 55oz Bottle Diversion Safe and Bewild Balloon


The Aquafina water bottle diversion safe stash bottle is one of our all time favorites. This could be the most convinicing and realistic diversion safe available. There is a three section design that allows the top part of the water bottle to be removed revealing the stash compartment. But the coolest feature of this decoy safe is the top section. It actually holds real water and can be refilled if needed. It is surprisingly difficult to realize there is anything hidden in this stash bottle. If you are only going to pick up one diversion safe, the water bottle safe is a must.

If you are looking for a large diversion safe, the Jumbo Bottle – Clorox Bleach decoy safe will do a great job securing your valuables. The safe is constructed from an actual Clorox bleach bottle and it even smells like bleach. There is additional weight added to the safe so it not only looks real, but also feels real if picked up. The 55 oz bottle is one of the biggest diversion safes available and is a great solution for securing your valuables.


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