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High-pressure water jetter. Another essential and in fact invaluable drain cleaning tool for plumbers is high pressure water jetter. With serious clogs standard detergents and chemicals may not work, and for such cases the jetter is used by most North York drain service professionals. With the help of it the expert plumbers go far deep into a sewer or drain line in order to check the problem and clean it. Most ‘equipped; plumbing service companies in North York have special removable cutting blades at their jetters. These blades cut through any in-pipe tree or shrub roots and can basically clean any possible clog.


BrassCraft Zip-It® Drain Cleaning Tool

The above are some of the more popular sewer cleaning equipment you can buy. Even when you stock up on these sophisticated drain cleaning tools, do not forget to buy basic tools like knives and blades that can make easy work of your sewer or drain cleaning job. It doesn't matter if you have state-of-the-art machines. Sometimes, you simply have to go to the basics!