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Nilodor 128SBN EXT Encapsulating Extraction Cleaner, 1 gal


Low Moisture, Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Tips for Using A cleaner who has both the Cimex and Brush Pro will use the Cimex in the areas with the most traffic and will use the Brush Pro for offices and areas without as much traffic. The Brush Pro can also be used to agitate pre-sprays prior to hot water extraction. The Brush Pro, Cimex or any other rotary machine should not be stored or stopped for even a short time with the brushes bearing the weight of the machine. The Brush Pro has its special storage container and the Cimex head can be turned so that the brushes do not bear the weight of the machine. ENCAPUCLEAN Cleaning Equipment

Low Moisture, Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning BRUSH PRO 17 & 20 The Brush Pro 20 has three speeds. 280 rpm for deep cleaning 400 rpm for normal cleaning 520 rpm for pile lifting The Brush Pro is easy to handle and maneuver. You can use to groom pile in one direction if desirable. Both models come with standard brush. Gentle brush for wool and a stiffer commercial brush are available. ENCAPUCLEAN Cleaning Equipment BRUSH PRO 17 & 20


Windsor iCapsol Mini Deluxe Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner IMX17

3. Interim Maintenance Cleaning: This is the carpet cleaning that is done in between corrective or restorative cleaning. This is accomplished by low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning or surface hot water extraction cleaning. Other methods employed may be absorbent pad, absorbent compound, or dry foam shampoo carpet cleaning. This is done on an as needed basis.