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  • This Excelsior detergent was somewhat pushed on me when I purchased my new washing machine.

Excelsior SOAP5STAU Liter Laundry Detergent with Stain Remover, Fresh Scent


Excelsior Dishwasher Detergent is a revolutionary enzyme based detergent for superior cleaning of baked on foods
It is 100% phosphate and Chlorine Bleach free, is completely biodegradable and safe on septic and greywater systems.
It features an innovative technology that cleans using the power of 2 enzymes.
Get 66 loads per bottle. Only 1 tablespoon is needed per load. This is less than half of the normal amount as compared to competitive brands. It also comes with an Eco friendly, refillable bottle for easy dispensing.

This Excelsior detergent was somewhat pushed on me when I purchased my new washing machine. I was skeptical at first because you only use so little. The sales clerk stressed the 30 day money back guarantee, so we decided to purchase it. Well this is one purchase we will never regret. I can not believe that so little can do so much. Or whites have never been whiter. The stain remover that came with the detergent eats part of the stain when you spray and rub it. We stopped using bleach, and the other products we used and have been happy with it for the past three months. The only other product we use is fabric softener because we have like the smell of Downy. The detergent softens the clothes, but does not have that long lasting smell. This is an excellent product.


Phoenix A.M.D. International Inc. - Professional Series

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