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Weiman Cook Top Scrubbing Pads with Glass Cook Top Cleaner & Polish Bundle


Spilled food or sauces are sometimes missed and burn onto the burners when you reheat the cooktop later. Sticky or sugary materials can stick to your cooktop burners like glue. These can be removed with a scraper, but this requires a bit of care and patience to avoid damaging the glass surface. Rub glass cooktop cleaner or a nonabrasive cleanser into the stain first with a damp paper towel. Hold a scraper over the burned-on stain at a 45-degree angle, and gently scrape away the material. Repeat the process until the entire stain is removed.

Prevent dried-on messes by cleaning your cooktop burners after each use. Use a glass cooktop cleaner and paper towels to remove fresh stains and to keep the surface shiny. This prevents the spills from hardening and possibly damaging the finish. Always check your stove’s manual for recommendations for cleaning products that are safe to use on your specific appliance. While wiping spills immediately is recommended for most appliances, you should not do this with a glass cooktop. Wait until the burner has cooled to clean spills.


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