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Seventh Generation Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, Lemongrass Citrus 26 fl oz (786 ml)


The Clorox green works bathroom cleaner is a pretty good product. I am always searching for natural and organic products. I like this bathroom cleaner much more than other cleaners out there that are full of harsh chemicals. It has plant and mineral based ingredients. This works well on counters, sinks, bathtubs and showers. I find that this cleans pretty well. I will keep using it and buy it again. It's pretty inexpensive. The other thing that I like about it is the scent. So many cleaners out there have this strong and overpowering scent to them. This one is nice. It has a really clean and fresh scent to it. I think that this product cleans deep down and does the job well.

I like the way that this Clorox bathroom cleaner works. It may not be as strong as other cleaners out there, but it also doesn't have all the harsh chemicals in it.

For a cleaner I really like the scent. It's not too strong and still leaves things smelling fresh.

I had high hopes for Clorox Green Works Bathroom Cleaner. I had used a couple of other products from this line and thought they worked well, but the bathroom cleaner just didn't quite live up to what I had hoped.

This bathroom cleaner worked okay but not great. The spray is thin and basically just runs right off of whatever you spray it on. I also took a lot more scrubbing than other products. I like to use more environmentally friendly products and sometimes even make my own, but this product just wasn't worth the additional expense. It did work well on my bathroom faucets and made them pretty shiny.

The problem that I had with this cleaner is that it seemed to be diluted way too much. It took a lot more than I thought it should compared to other similar products.

The scent is a little more "chemical" than I expected it to be, but it isn't too overpowering like some bathroom cleaners.


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