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  • SX15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool FAST Industry-leading 15
  • AW105 Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool

Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool AW105 Spinner Wand ()


The Glidemaster hard surface cleaning tools make your job more efficient and productive. Blast dirty away from concrete, tile and grout, as well as counter-tops. At only 3 ¼” off the floor, our unique low profile design allows the operator to reach underneath all kinds of obstacles such as counters and stalls to get a truly deep clean.

The SX 15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool is designed for professional cleaners. The SX 15 makes any hard surface job a breeze. Hydroforce's Unique airflow system improves water recovery and is compatible with portables or truck mounts.


Find great deals on eBay for hard surface tool. Shop with confidence.

The patented ProRaceR design is radically different from any other hard surface cleaning tool on the market. ProRaceR uses a powerful 1/8 HP electric motor (approx. 1,100 rpm) to inject all available jet pressure directly toward the dirt. Other tools generate rpm by setting jets to thrust away from the surface, "pushing-off" to rotate the armature. These tools must have jets set to a specific angle to get the armature spinning, and for this reason cannot focus on the real issue - cleaning! ProRaceR jets can be adjusted to any desired cleaning angle, and the rpm is virtually unaffected. When jet angles on other tools are changed for better cleaning, the rpm is reduced or possibly stopped. Hydrotech's ProRaceR uses all pressure for cleaning.