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(TM) – Newly marketed by The Clorox Corporation. This product is basicly a carbon copy of Oxiclean from the percentge of sodium percarbonate it contains (50-60%) to the style of packaging, its lettering as well as product pricing. Clorox is obviouly going directly after Oxiclean business and it will be interesting to see who will come out on top. The consumer should win in getting a low cost product but like Oxiclean the efficacy is still lacking in comparison to higher quality oxygen bleach products.

Due to the availability of lower cost Chinese and Korean made sodium percarbonate costing as little as half the price of domestic produced materials, the pricing of oxygen bleach products will be very favorable to manufacturers. The only question is the quality and consistency of these foreign made materials which has made manufacturers of high quality oxygen bleach products reluctant to use them.


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