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The idea of Intimate Skin Bleaching has been around for years now and is becoming more and more common as women and men become more aware and more comfortable with their bodies.

There are many causes ranging from lifestyle to health. Discoloration of intimate areas can be caused by aging, hormonal changes from pregnancy, infections and medical conditions such as Contact Dermatitis or STDs, and only a properly trained certified professional can help you determine the best course of action or if Intimate Skin Bleaching (ISB) is right for you. There are a few things that you can do in the meantime to prevent the skin from further discoloration; however, they are not guaranteed. Avoiding coffee, dark sodas, and artificial colors in food can help with the discoloration of the anal area, for example. Discontinued use of deodorants that contain alcohol also helps for pigmentation in the underarm area. The use of G-strings, not only makes the rectal opening more visible, hence the need for some women to bleach the anal area, but the actual use of G-strings causes the anal (and vaginal) area to become darker with the rubbing of the material (usually nylon) against the skin, causing laceration or burning of the skin. So, women who are frequent users of G-strings tend to have darker anal and vaginal areas.


Vaginal bleach and vaginal bleaching creams can be used at home, ..

Abigail Ruelas is one of such licensed skincare professionals. She is the first licensed aesthetician in the US to become certified in Intimate Skin Bleaching and will be serving male and female clients in Tampa Bay. Specifically, she will be serving clients within 75 miles radius from her current operating location in Palmetto, FL.