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Kirkland Signature Premium Fabric Softener Sheets, Refreshing Scent 250 CT (Pack of 2)


Kirkland Signature Fabric Softener Sheets (2/250 ct) on sale $6.79
Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Liquid Fabric Softener
(187 oz) on sale $7.89 (limit 2)

The price of goods is increasing steadily here in Alaska, partly because we have to have everything flown or shipped into the state. To save money I have been buying more and more store brands, and many of these items are found at my local Costco store.

Costco sells Kirkland Signature Fabric Softener Sheets in large boxes containing 245 sheets, and they retail for around $7.00. When compared to smaller boxes containing 50-80 sheets, this is a great value. But a good value is only as good as its performance.

Kirkland Signature Fabric Softener Sheets are a standard size, measuring 6.4 inches by 9 inches. They come in an orange box that has a tab that pulls back for easy removal, then slips back into place to keep the sheets fresh.

The box claims they will soften and freshen clothes as well as reducing static cling. I really like the fact that these are made in the USA, and they The sheets have a fresh scent that is hard to describe. It is slightly citrus scented and slightly floral scented. It isn't overwhelming and the odors don't really remain on clothing when they are removed from the dryer.

The dryer sheets do what they claim, they soften clothes and help reduce static cling. In Alaska our winters are extremely dry and we have a lot of static in the air. Every time I turn on one of our lamps I get a slight shock. Therefore having a product that helps eliminate static in clothing is a must!

The sheets contain cationic fabric softening agents and perfume. They have not caused any skin irritations in our family, which is saying a lot since my husband has eczema and I have sensitive skin. They work better than some of the stiff natural dryer sheets I've been using.

If you are looking for a way to save money on your laundry, I would highly recommend the Kirkland Signature Fabric Softener Sheets. If you aren't happy with their performance, Costco has a very liberal return policy.


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