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  • NOTE: If your model has a liquid fabric softener dispenser, do not wash clothes with this dispenser removed.
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Downy Automatic Dispenser


The reference numeral 1 generally identifies a liquid fabric softener dispenser in accordance with the present invention. The dispenser 1 is illustrated in FIG. 1 being recharged with liquid fabric softener 3 from a cup 4 by a user thereof 5. FIG. 4 illustrates the dispenser 1 in contact with clothing 7 in a conventional mechanical clothes dryer (not shown) with tumbling and heating supplied by the clothes dryer.

I hang a lot of my things to dry so they didn't get the benefit of fabric softener. (Machines in my condo do not have liquid fabric softener dispenser built in). These balls are great and work as described - releasing the fabric softener in the rinse cycle. They have markings on the balls for softener levels depending on the load size so you don't use more than you need. So nice to have fresh smelling, soft T-shirts, sweaters etc. again. No more dryer sheets bunched up in the middle of a load. Everything is fresher and softer. Highly recommend this item.


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