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Downy Ultra Infusions Lavender Serenity Liquid Fabric Softener, 120 loads, 103 fl oz


I like Method Fabric softener, it smells good, makes everything very soft and the pump is very great. Every time by using recommended amount of pump makes it last a lot longer. I realized I was using other products unnecessarily more than required. But with this pump I don't have to worry about the right measurement. Also the price is very reasonable. I have peace of mind of not using harsh chemicals.

I normally use liquid fabric softener because not everything I wash goes into the dryer. And with dryer sheets, one is not enough for a large load, and using two sheets seems wasteful. I was a little skeptical about the Method fabric softener because I know, at times, I get splotches on my clothes with the liquid softener in the washer, and it seemed that spraying it directly on my clothes would produce similar results.


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