• MicroFiber cleaning Detergent Concentrate
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  • MicroFiber cleaning Detergent Concentrate

Chemical Guys CWS_201_16 Microfiber Wash Cleaning Detergent Concentrate (16 oz)


Jax Wax Micro Renew microfiber detergent concentrate is specifically formulated to break down dirt, wax, grease, oil and other contaminants collected in microfiber towels throughout the course of automotive detailing.

Super concentrated Microfiber Detergent - Advanced detergent formulation cleans restores and maintains microfiber! Chemical Guys understands the importance of being clean, and microfiber cleanliness is no exception. No where does cleanliness count more then in a hospital environment where only the best cleaners will do. Often times it's not enough to clean something because more often then not, it may look clean but lingering bacteria and oils from use leave microfiber towels unclean and unsanitary.


Micro-Restore MicroFiber Detergent (1 Quart)

Microfiber towels are machine washable. Detail King has the Best Microfiber Towel Detergent Soap and will remove all of the waxes, polishes, oils and chemicals that are absorbed into microfiber towels. A regular household detergent doesn't come close to cleaning and restoring them like our Microfiber Towel Detergent Soap will.