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Nylac Carpet Cleaner - Quart w/ Sprayer


Nylac Carpet Cleaner with Sprayer, Half-Gallon (64oz) Carpet cleaning is easy with Nylac. It is as simple as Spray & Rinse.
Clean your carpets in minutes with Nylac Carpet Cleaner and the three-pound mop (mop not included).
Nylac effectively removes severe spots and stains during general cleaning.

Directions For Use: 1. Vacuum carpet to remove lint, grit, and loose particles.
2. From a standing position, spray a mist of Nylac over the entire area to be cleaned. Spray additional Nylac on spots and stains and agitate gently.
3. Allow cleaner to set for a few minutes. Increase set time for dense carpet pile or severe stains.
4. Draw soil up by wiping carpet gently with a moistened, absorbent Nylac sponge mop (purchase mop separately). Rinse soil from mop in clean, warm water as needed. For Commercial Use, soil can be removed with a damp rotary bonnet. Rinse carpet with an extractor, using water only. Do not over wet carpet.
5. Repeat process as n

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