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Clean most durable surfaces easily with the heavy-duty cleaning power contained in the Ajax Oxygen bleach powder cleanser. The cleanser can be used on most surfaces, breaking through even caked-on dirt to leave behind a fresh, clean surface.

Once my tile and grout were clean, I discovered a way to keep them looking that way. I hated getting on my knees to scrub and didn’t want to do that ever again. One day I decided to use the oxygen bleach powder in the mop water. I mopped the floor like normal, but instead of rinsing the floor right away, I let the cleaning solution dry on the floor.


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Most of the oxygen bleach powders are pretty stable and have a decent shelf life. You need to keep them dry and cool or cold to maintain their power. This means if you live in a humid climate and open the canister or container to get some of the powder, you let humid air into the can.