• Monument MON2915 Copper key Pipe Cleaning Tool.
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Smokers Cleaning tool
  • Unique Bargains 30cm Long Twisted Handle Steel Wire Tube Brush Pipe Cleaning Tool ..
  • 13-3231-1/2 and 3/4-Inch Copper Pipe Cleaning Tool for - Import It All

Durable Matt Lightweight Stainless Steel Spike Tamper Reamer 3-in-1 Tobacco Pipe Tool - Re-Enforced Tamper Design


Monument pipe cleaning tool is the very best and safest way to prepare copper pipe and copper fittings and comes in 15mm aand 22mm cutting sizes.

Mini pipe cleaning tool, easy to operate, safe and dependable, to unblock sinks in bathrooms, kitchens, hairdressers shops, canteens.
Be careful with the stabs in the two sides, please keep it away from kids.


Dr Plumb's industry-standard, 3-in-1 pipe cleaning tool.