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Faultless Premium Starch, 20 oz (1)


I always ensure when I’m not staying at my apartment, that my serviced apartments/hotels have an ironing board present. The Faultless Premium Spray starch makes it seamless, quick and easy and helps make even the most jumbled of shirts look pristine. I’d always been skeptical of using spray starches in the past, out of fear of causing stains or my biggest pet peeve, ITCHY SKIN!!!! This, however, does neither of those and An added bonus? It’s so readily available, the last trip where I accidentally ran out, I was able to go both Target and KMart and be all good to go. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself with this instant coupon available .

The supplies basket holds all the extra laundry supplies such as: Faultless Premium Spray Starch, static spray, bleach pens, lint roller, extra dryer sheets. By placing everything in a basket it keeps everything organized and easy to get to. If you have open storage, baskets make everything look neater.


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