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Laser teeth stain removal usually involves the use of a peroxide based gel applied on the surface of stained or discoloured teeth; the gel is then activated by a special laser light that makes the whitening properties of the gel do their wonders on the teeth stains. Stains and discolourations are effectively addressed with laser teeth stain removal methods; in most cases, the teeth can be whitened (and stains removed) in under an hour’s time in the dentist’s clinic. Dramatic results can be expected, with the teeth being whitened by a few shades; the results are expected to be long lasting, combined with the proper dental hygiene practises.

If you yearn to know how to get rid of teeth stains, below is a list of teeth stain removal methods. The choice of the methods depends on the type of teeth stains or simply what works for you or what best suits. Teeth whitening cost may also influence your choice. You may also prefer teeth stain removal at home or professional teeth whitening. Others may still want to get advice from teeth stain removal dentist. Teeth stain treatment methods and means include:


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Luckily, there is hope for people who have stained teeth. Tetracycline teeth stain removal comes in a variety of forms, and what type you need always depends on the severity of your stains. For some, the stains have remained light, and they won’t need very extensive procedures to have the white smile that they’ve always wanted. For those with deeper stains, there’s still hope! Dr. Amanda Canto and her dental team at Cosmetic Dentists of Houston offer a number of different tetracycline stain removal options for people who need help, whether a little or a lot, getting their smile looking bright and natural.