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CONCENTRATED Clorox Regular Bleach 64 oz - 2 pack (128 oz total)


I’ve bought two packs of Total Bleach as I’m using Bullini at the weekend. My hair is blonde at the moment and I was wondering if I should use the toner after.

I was wondering if I use Total Bleach can it make my hair into a golden blonde colour? I’m trying to dye my hair blonde but I don’t know what products to use. It would be wonderful to get some of your advice. My hair at the moment is in between light to dark brown.


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Bleach Total Bleach Kit lightens hair up to 7 levels for absolute platinum blonde shades.

For all blondorexics, casual bleach dabblers and those in need of root lightening – achieve your lightest, brightest blonde with expert help from Bleach London.

To banish any residual brassy tones, follow with Bleach London White Toner and use Bleach London Silver Shampoo every other wash.