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Black and White Bleaching Cream, 1.5 Ounce


Can Bleaching Get Rid of Stretch Marks?If not what does?
I am like caramel brown or maybe a lil bit lighter and i have reallyyyy light stretch marks on my butt. Its really not attractive. I NEVER wore a bikin NEVER! And I live in the Caribbean which means sum whole year round! That really sucks! But recently i’ve been using Fair & White Bleaching Cream on my Butt and am hoping it will get rid of my stretch marks since the stretch marks are lighter than my skin maybe my skin will bleach (get lighter) and some how camoflage with the stretch marks. If its not possible please tell me what else i can use.

Fair & white bleaching cream?
well my mom bought that cream and she put it on last night, but in the morning her face seemed all red and puffy like she got a botox or something. should she stop worrying about it?


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