Classic Poker Playing Mistakes Not to Fall Prey to Anytime

Beginners make the common mistake of playing many hands, over bluffing, and playing out-of-position. With some experience and gaining good knowledge practicing poker game, they will need to examine classic mistakes made at poker table. Look at the list given below and honestly acknowledge if you were a victim of any of the given chip draining leaks.

Obsessed on defending blinds

Biggest mistake is human ego, which convinces players to defend their blinds obsessively. However, there are obsessive blind stealers also, out there. Therefore, you may read in every article that it is vital to identify your opponent’s tendencies. Consistently shielding your blinds with poor holdings is damaging to your bankroll.

Demonstrating discipline will help you to save chips, which otherwise you may have squandered. In addition, you will encourage stealers to carry on their stealing attempts but as soon as they recognize your pushover tactic will slow down. If you have quality holdings then play back and shock them. Try this tactic on

Cold calling raises

When more than one players raises a call, at once then it is called cold calling. If one opponent raises, the other re-raises and you call means you are cold calling. This displays weak play or lack of discipline. Basically, if you hold cards that are unworthy of re-raise then dump them. Discipline and patience needs to be demonstrated because this will lead to careful aggression, which can translate into profits. On the other hand, if you are slow-playing with monster hand, so as to trap then it can be a very different matter.

Semi stealth tilt

Tilt means playing badly due to poor emotional state. Emotions played strongly because the player lost but blamed others for his loss. He started to play so aggressively to punish or get even with the opponent, who caused the pain. Semi-stealth-tilt [SST] is not a full blown tilt. It sneaks slowly and you are placed on tilt for hours without any knowledge. SST is not taken on by multiple losing hands but is due to some poor judgment. Keep your mind in the game consistently to make informed decision and not fall victim to SST, which can negatively affect your results.

Not identifying opportunities

Beginners focus on potent starting hand values, avoid playing multiple hands and work hard on the discipline element. They grow into good ABC poker players. To move up and turn into a skilful winning player they need to play more than book poker. Monster hand is not needed to win a poker game but one hand better than your opponent. Sometimes, proper timing can make your opponent take the bump. Good position is the key element to identify good opportunities. Force yourself away from playing ABC poker and exploit opportunities. Good cards will come and go away but opportunities arise persistently.